I have nothing against sport, but when the Soccer World Cup and now the Cricket World Cup came around, I’ve not made an attempt to watch any of the games, but I’ve also not avoided any of the games.

Soccer – not interested in cause I don’t understand the rules. Cricket – understand the rules, but the games are too long for me. I always think I can be busy doing something more productive. I have made an attempt to watch the last couple of overs where the finish has been nailbiting.

One game in history did however challenge me into thinking if I was the captain, what would I say to “The Boyz” in the changing room right now, them having to come out and play their best against all odds. I was at a loss for words.

Being in leadership for most of my married life, I had no one to teach me “how to be a leader” so I had to learning by the example of others. I used to learn to recognise from a leaders position when were the times when you would have to send your people out to do the impossible against all odds. Another thing I noticed was that often we as leaders would lack the right words to say when we stare defeat in the eyes. When South African captain Graeme Smith had to send his men onto the field to chase an unheard of score of 434 to Australia, I did not want to be in the changing room for that pep talk.
Eventually I sat down and really pondered on what my talk would have been been to “The Boyz”. It sure would have started with something like

 “Have u actually checked their score? How did you guys allow them to do so well”

Nothing uplifting about that. Change in mental strategy and before the game was over (and after I was over the intimidation of the score), I decided my pep talk would have consisted of

“Boys, they did well, but we are better!”

As a leader you cannot look at the negative 1st, you always have to start with life and end with life.

This cricket game that taught me a lesson I have practiced over and over and it has proven reliable, as long as I believe what I say.

Speak life, a principle not to be sneered at!

I eagerly anticipate the Rugby World Cup (have lots of lessons to learn!) Jokes, I enjoy rugby!



  1. sometimes its difficult to train your brain to think of the positive…. but I guess practice makes PERRRFECT!!

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