We would all like to drive a "Smart Car"

I recently received a prophetic word that God was going to restore 7 -fold what the devil had taken.

Great word! I was thrilled! Jumped up and down. Shared it with Arthur. We were very excited about it. It was the first word on restoration I had received in 7 years. For 7 years, it had been either silence or our words had been: “you are in the battle; God says you have been faithful”. Nothing revelational there! You know when you are in the battle. You don’t need a prophetic word to confirm it!

I knew the devil had stolen from us. It was almost as if everything was been sucked down into this black hole of nothingness. As I am very much a stickler for it that if God speaks, I act! , I started to act on my prophetic word.  I sat down and made a list of all that the devil had stolen. Not because I was greedy,  just because I wanted a visual list in front of my eyes to be able to thank God for His 7- fold restoration every time I laid my eyes on the visual.

My “stolen goods list” looked along this line:

–                      Houses (lost 4)

We'd all love to live in a "Smart House"
–                      Cars
–                      Money

–                      Clothes

–                      Make up

–                      Health (from been under constant stress)

–                      Medical Aid

–                      Insurance

–                      Holidays

–                      Jewelry

–                      I’m very tempted to list my hairdresser! (long story)

–                      Our Jobs

–                      Our Name

–                      Our reputation

–                      Bedding

–                      TV’s, carpets, furniture

–                      Food

But a strange emotion occurred when I started the list.

It started with the Health aspect. I really wanted (not needed) to have some dental work done, and the thought that kept on crossing my mind: “I can pay to have dental work done, but if I trust God, God will do it for free.  Flip the coin, if I pay, the devil is stealing MONEY from me again, because I’m spending money on Health when God promises me:

                 Ps 103:5        Who satisfies your mouth with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.


2nd on my list was my family’s health & stress related symptoms. I kept on hearing this quiet whisper: ” but my Son has paid the price for your healing.”             1 Pet 2:24      who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins,

might live for righteousness– by whose stripes you were healed.

REVELATION (yet again): You don’t need to pay MONEY for medication when Jesus paid the price in FULL FOR MY HEALING! ONLY BELIEVE!

Next up was the houses and the cars:

God just said: If I’ve called you to be a sojourner through this earthly land, do you need a house and a car? Yes, u do, but God provides all the way! The question God challenged me with was “you trust God to provide a house and a car?”

Another issue sorted! God was ticking them off my list at an alarming rate!

The JOB, MEDICAL AID and INSURANCE we had to deal with 6 years ago. We had to learn to live by faith.  Arthur and I felt for US  (not for you, but for OUR FAMILY) God was saying, I want you to rely on ME for your daily provision, and a roof over your head.

It was a TOUGH LESSON to learn.

When the restoration word came, the Holy Spirit whispered: “do you really want to go back to the bondage of a salary, medical aid and insurance? Do you really want to trade all the lessons you’ve learnt living by faith for a lifestyle of just enough (salary) and of having a backup plan incase I don’t work? (Medical Aid & Insurance)”

My response was: but what happens if it all gets stolen (insurance)!


“If the devil has stolen from you and you have learnt to live by faith, you are able to faith it all back! And once again, I will restore more that the devil took! What have you really lost?” was quietly offered as an answer.

The devil cannot rob me of my FAITH in God!

As  the Holy Spirit made mince meat of all of my “stolen goods to be restored 7 Fold” points, the only thing I came up with what had truelly been stolen (BY FAITH God could heal and replace all of the rest, I only had to BELIEVE) was my RELATIONSHIPS! (and the Holy Spirit just proved to me once again that I did not know God well enough to trust Him to restore)

The devil has stolen many of our (ours & the children’s) relationships with family and friends.

The crux of my list left me once again realising:


Only when I had started “seeking 1st the kingdom of God” had I received the promise of 7-fold restoration. Only once I started leading people to the Lord, praying for the sick, started preaching the good news of the Gospel, – all the things important to  God, did  the promise of restoration come.

Once my sights were focussed on what God saw as important, PEOPLE, not just people, but where people would spend eternity, how I treated individuals, what words of life had come out of my mouth to sow life etc, He sorted out the rest.

All else comes down to my faith level in “ONLY BELIEVE”

 Matt 6:33     “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

The reality check I experienced was we all equate Restoration 7 – fold to Finance/Money!  Even with all the lessons I’ve experienced in the last 7 years, I really needed to shift my thinking into “the mind of Christ” before thinking of “things to be added to me”

Now, I can truelly look forward to God restoring each and every relationship, and *SEVEN FOLD BONUS!* adding many more because He promised He would restore 7 fold all that the devil had stolen!

 *Bonus* Look after people (saved & unsaved/rich & poor/lovely & unlovely/goodlooking & ugly) and God looks after your needs!


15 thoughts on “GOD WILL RESTORE 7-FOLD!

  1. waiting for a lot of back wages hurts borrow money to live on over an over fought to get wages from companies still keep faith that will be returned 7 fold had to borrow 100,000$ god is good an can an will turn this around god is all good

  2. Over 7 years ago, less than two weeks after my mother found out she had terminal cancer, my brother, told the banks she was dying, and cleared out all the bank assets (even though I had right of survivorship on all bank assets). He told the lawyer to put the house in his daughter’s name. He spent thousands on her credit card. The lawyer refused to help get the money back or even contact the credit card company to say it was stolen. The lawyer even lied and said he never met me. I couldn’t convince him I had been cheated, yet my brother was able to convince him, I was trying to cheat him out of the few thousand he was to get. First that I’m too retarded, to be trusted with the house and money, then that I have no Disability, and claiming I was a criminal making so much money from home, that I didn’t need my inheritance. I was slandered and libeled. I even got threatened by the police that I would go to jail if I ever tried to contact any member of my brother’s family (guess that makes me an orphan). His daughter even called and threatened to have me arrested, which is how we found out they had changed the power of attorney. The police have had the case over 6 years, yet told me it would only take a year or two. My brother used the money to convince his new girlfriend (he was married) and her family that he was a millionaire. The last lawyer took my mother’s pension money, eventually said he made a deal to get the money back. We never saw a dime, but just before she died my mother said “don’t worry, money’s coming”. Been over 4 years, no money came, he didn’t give back the money, and you can’t sue a bank unless the person is convicted of theft. The lawyer wants $2,000 (that’s my food budget for the year) just to inform the courts that my brother didn’t turn over his financial records to the courts, since he later claimed not to have any money to pay back. I’m on Disability, needed 5 root canals, but there’s just roots left now. The house needs repairs. I once had to wait 7 weeks just for a ride to the grocery store, and I have to wait months to get a ride to the bank to get my Disability money (around $500 once all the bills are paid). I’m still waiting for the 7 fold payback. Yet I was told that God was testing me, and that because I failed the test God isn’t going to help me.

  3. Janine do you have an update on your article written almost 7 years ago … where are you now in your journey with Christ. Lessons learnt, anything you wrote here which you may wish to have articulateD differently?

  4. I don’t know where to begin but I’ve been trialed and tested over and over again to a point where I’m emotionally in drained. it has gotten to a point where the sadness in my life it’s beginning to show in my my eyes. I’ve been verbally and emotionally abused by my boss for the past seven years, I’ve been denied promotions for the past seven years, I’ve had toxic relationships all my life and loving the wrong people, I fell pregnant to a gorgeous girl and the minute I told the father he dissapered and doesn’t pay a cent for maintenance. My finances have taken a noise dive and I’m drowning in debt. My health it’s suffering due to constant stress. I’m so unhappy that I sometimes don’t want to get out of bed and face a new day, I cry and sob everyday asking God why has he forsaken me. I need restoration and revelation in my life.

    1. God is a covenant keeping God … like Janine said … seek first the Kingdom of God … I can promise you this brings peace for without peace you will be hammering away with no result … I can attest to what Janine speaks of about the devil stealing and God restoring …

    2. You really need to watch Keith Moore from Moorelifemiinistries.org to get the right teaching to come out of this place the devil has pushed you into…. God truly cares for you – but it takes faith to grasp hold of and to be able to walk out of this place. The love of God will break through for you… I promise you…

  5. Lost 3college carreers, husband& all friends. My first born, my inheritance, 47 yrs of nursing. Ministers and saints cursing me. I know there is healing and prophecy in me. Only works on street. No money. Severe health issues; crippled 83-2009. Pneumonia scarlet fever broken back atrial fibrillation fibromyalgia wierd fevers rashes extreme fatuque to wxhaustion.
    Trying to believe God. 18 yrs hell. Nnow what? Know scripture. Walked out on faith only to be bwaten up mocked slapped spit on
    What is differance between wisdom and miracles. I need miracles, restoration. The love mercy grace of God to carry me through. Whether I sit and pray, intercede, violently take down hell, love on people. Nothing nothing.do I just leap with no proof of anything ever hapoening for others othrr. Than one friends deveststing experience.then wimning a miilion dollar lottery. Home car boat restored 100 fold.

  6. Truth is I have lost allot. My wife was taken. She cheated on me with my best friend. My job was taken my health has been taken my son no longer lives with. He lives with his mom. So he was taken. I had primary custody of my kids. My daughter still lives with me. I was dating someone that Got pregnant she lied to me and got a abortion and killed the baby. It could have been her exs not sure. all but the baby happen just in the last 8 months. The baby happened 2 to 3 yrs ago. I know God is going to do great things. The people I have around me are not very reassuring. Juts my mom is. I started a page called where are you men of God. I am meant to preach and help others. Just have no money or my health isn’t good either waiting in God and a miracle. He says all things are possible to those who believe

    1. Be encouraged man of God I decree healing and restoration I lost a son and my marriage.God don’t allow us to loose things not for it to get;better.😊

      1. I decree your ministry to come forth I decree everything taken that ‘healing and restoration I coming to you man of God God loves you 😇

  7. Normally reluctant to read this type of word due to the exhaustive testing testing of the spirit, yours has corrected me and just been an encouragement. May the annointing on your life increase and I pray for all of us that we will get back what the enemy has stolen. Peace and rivers of joy, Lisa B

    1. Hi Teresa

      Thank you so much for your encouraging comment. I am grateful you are blessed as I really would like the Body of Christ to learn from the many years of me trying to “figure life out”.

  8. you are so privilege to be where you are & to have gone through all the tests already…. I am pretty much at lesson 1. I gave up medical aid…. since then I have been tested …. Arthur asked a question once that is sort of my motto since then…. at what point are you going to stop trusting God? so whenever I am in a situation that I get to a point where I would rather go to a docter for example, I ask my self how will I ever have a solid testimony if I never allow God to work, and just give up!?

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