This dip is not as “shallow” as it looks, it’s actually quite deep

Hubby and I recently went, by invitation to host a Fire Conference. Well more accurately, hubby does the Fire Conference and I do the video thing….

But, 3 days before the Fire Conference, the Weather Bureau predicted floods in that area for the weekend. Even up to 4 hours before the Fire Conference we were wondering if we should not cancel because of the amount of rain that had already fallen.

Some of the flood damage on the way to the conference

Deciding the pastor of the church that invited us would cancel it if he considered it a problem; we went ahead and travelled to the city.

Travelling to the Fire Conference we rode through water up to the bottom level of the car door to get to the venue. The rain did not just pour, it was cold!  And there where not enough people to keep the warmth in the building. So wet and cold was the theme of the weekend.

Because of the downpour, we told our children to stay at home. At the end of the Friday night meeting, I got a bbm from my son “Mommy I’m sick! When you coming home?” Not the message you want to hear when you are ministering, because in the natural, you cannot do anything until the end of the meeting.

Knowing sickness is the devil stealing our health, and in this case, our son’s health and distracting us from ministering effectively through the flood and the sickness, we went home to go pray for him.

Saturday he was fine during the day, so we are back at the Fire conference on Saturday evening.

After prophesying and ministering, we head home after receiving a bbm “Mom, my head is sore!” to find our son passed out in the chair not been able to move without loosing his balance.

But this time he is very upset, as every time he tried to sleep, he would have this reoccurring dream of the devil locking him in a box and he would wake up all panicked.

After praying for him again, and his temperature not subsiding, I put him to bed and sat in the bedroom with him praying in tongues.  After about 20min of sitting in the dark praying for him, I left the room to go get some coffee…and all I heard was yells that I was not listening to his dream. Even though I tried to explain to him that I did listen to his dream and that he had fallen asleep, he kept insisting I had walked out half way through him telling me his dream. So I said to him, “You keep having a dream where the devil locks you in a cage, so I’ve been sitting here praying for you”.

“No you didn’t listen to the rest of my dream. When the devil locked me in the cage, Jesus came and unlocked it and said to the devil: “you have no right to put sickness on him. He belongs to Me” and Jesus unlocked the cage and said to me “Come out and Be healed” “

Mom and Son

All I can do is Praise God that He does so much better at teaching my children revelations than we can ever dream of doing it!  A revelation or rhema word like that in a child’s life, gives them an understanding and an authority they would never ever doubt or question further down their walk with God!

Thank you Jesus!

(the rest of the story is obvious :D)