Wise Men followed the Star

The Birth of the Coming Messiah was a message that had been prophesied repeatedly and anxiously been awaited by many people, including the entire nation of Israel. It was not a secret, it was not hidden, in fact, it was very public knowledge. With this in mind, it makes the manner of “The birth announcement” chosen by God Himself so much more thought-provoking.
 The first announcement was very public for all to see. It is the equivalent of us taking a billboard today, or a TV ad, or putting a video on YouTube and it going viral.

Matt 2:1-2
1 Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, wise men from the East came to Jerusalem,

2 saying,”Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him.” 

Wjise Men choosing to follow the Star
Wise Men choosing to follow the Star

There were more groups of Wise Men during this time than the ones who followed the Star. The King had his own wise men. Any human alive looking at the sky during that time would have seen the star, but only select wise men knew to follow it.

Prov 4:7

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.

Isa 11:1-2
There shall come forth a Rod from the stem of Jesse, And a Branch shall grow out of his roots.

2 The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him, The Spirit of wisdom and understanding,

The Wise Men who followed the Star knew how to interpret the signs of the times. They were not only men in wisdom, but also men whose had developed their understanding of the times.

Eph 1:18

the eyes of your understanding being enlightened;

The 2nd announcement was of a more specific nature, more personal. Similar to an invitation that we would extend to invite a specific person to an occasion that we would love them to join us.

Luke 2:8-12  

Angel telling the shepherds where to find Jesus
Angel telling the shepherds where to find Jesus

8 Now there were in the same country shepherds living out in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night.

9 And behold, an angel of the Lord stood before them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were greatly afraid.

10 Then the angel said to them,”Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people.

11 For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

12 And this will be the sign to you: You will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger.”

What stood out to me in this passage of scripture was the fact that these were shepherds watching their flock at night. Sound simple? But if you look at the symbolic meaning of the Shepherd in today’s society it is representative of a pastor of a church. Keeping watch over his flock means he was caring for his people in his church. He was not fleecing them or expecting them to look after themselves; he was doing what the job required, to keep them safe from the wolves. At night speaks to me of the Pastor doing his work when no one is watching. It is dark and most people are in doors at night. These shepherds were not in it to be acknowledged by anyone. Their hearts were for the sheep. They were found faithful caring for the sheep, providing food and keeping a watchful eye over their people when no one was around to give them praise for doing a “great job”. The shepherds might not have been as educated as the wise men, but God rewarded them for their faithfulness by allowing them to worship baby Jesus for doing their work in secret. God sent an angel to give them exact instructions to find Jesus.

Building on the blog I wrote last year “Breakthrough at Christmas time“, those Believers who received breakthrough this year have a decision to make as to how to go forward.
 1. They could follow Jesus (the Star) to an undisclosed destination and an veiled reason as they had obtained wisdom and understanding by studying the Word of God and obeying the Spirit. They had already learnt to trust God and the Holy Spirit.

Bright Morning Star
Bright Morning Star

Rev 22:16

“I, Jesus, …I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.”

2. Believers can continue been obedient to God’s instructions by been faithful over what God has already given them. The secret to the obedience here is going ALL the way with what God has asked you to do, even when no one is watching. Not been obedient to get recognition, earn a salary or get a Christmas bonus, but genuinely obedient to carry the Body of Christ through when times are dark and no one is watching, only God

3. Believers could opt to do nothing with their breakthrough. They  feel they have pushed and worked so hard to get this breakthrough, that they “need to reward themselves” and they stop guarding their borders which are protecting their breakthrough from an enemy they do not yet understand (new levels = new devils). This often results in them losing their breakthrough and longing for the old ways as they are totally unsettled and unstable in their new area of breakthrough. They do not have enough word, obedience or faithfulness to ground them in the new challenges ahead.

When we breakthrough, our reward is to worship at Jesus feet. To bow before Him and Worship Him in Spirit and Truth is our greatest reward. Our reward is not fame or finance, it is to bow at Jesus feet and spend time worshipping Him.

Jesus on a white horse in Revelation
Jesus on a white horse in Revelation

And if you were wondering about the “been faithful” part of the shepherds: When Jesus comes back, He is called “Faithful and True” (Rev 19v11) Jesus is Faithful. He rewards Faithful.

Jumping a couple a steps in this revelation:

Rev 19:14

And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses.

If we spend time worshipping Jesus, we get to come back with Him after the marriage supper riding on a white horse, equipped to defeat the enemy. The significance of this: Jesus will lead us into war if we spend the season after breakthrough at His feet worshipping Him. For those who have opted to be part of group 3, they will be fighting their own battles, be directionless and will often lose ground. It is critical that in this next season, been faithful to follow Jesus in obedience to His Word and His Spirit become our “star to follow”.

Note: there are too many scriptures linking the wisdom, understanding, faithfulness and worshipping in Spirit and Truth. I do not have enough time to connect the dots I have mentioned in this post. Doing your own study and asking God to open your eyes that your eyes may be enlightened to the revelation He has given me, will help you in worshipping at His feet in this time. I will expand more on the gaps at a later stage.



                                        I have a degree… of course I’m smarter than a 5th Grader!


Within this week, I realised a 5th grader was smarter than me!

From mid January 2012, my theme for the year has been “break every chain”.  I really felt God was dealing with me to break strongholds in my life, the lives of our family and when we ministered, we had to “break every chain”. If that was not the outcome of our activities for 2012, it was almost as if we would miss God’s purpose for us. 

We recently had an entrepeneurs Day at school and we held a raffle. When we drew the names of the winner, a Grade 5 boy, (for the sake of his privacy) lets call him John, won the prize. John had never been friendly to me or my children and his mother had on various occasions outright ignored me, so when John won, my thought was “oh you”. Not as excited as I would have been if someone close to me.

The workers at the stalls told me later they were really excited John had won as he told them when he bought the ticket “his family have never won anything and he had decided he was going to break that curse today by winning this raffle. “

Rapped over the knuckles, I reflected back over the events.  John had used our raffle as his point of contact to break a stronghold over his family, exactly what God had told our family was our focus for 2012. So it just goes to show, that our human nature can still be selective about who we would like to be blessed and who we don’t think should be blessed!

So in this event, a 5th Grader tapped into the spirit realm to break bondages over his family when I was not even feeling spiritual!

When God says “break every chain”, you carry power to do so even when you are not focussed on the spiritual! Yep…I had to start repenting again!

It is the presence of Jesus in you to “break every chain”. You might think it a coincidence that this happened, but there were more than 10 raffles out there that day, and he chose ours!

Dear Lord, I am sorry

Well Lord, this year I heard Your instruction very clearly.
I looked around and in the natural, I did not see the importance or the need to spend the time in prayer that You asked me too. The people you told me to pray for all seemed to be doing great. Little did I know You were asking me to pray so You could do whatever You needed to do for them in the time ahead.
When their evil day came, I realised why You ask us to pray for others. It broke my heart to see so many go through such rough times, and to know I was also to blame.

We are not meant to fight battles on our own, our spiritual family are meant to pave the way in the spirit through prayer. I now know that.

Lord, now I pray for everybody that I either think of, or that I speak too. When I don’t know what to pray, I just ask You to bless them with Health, good relationships, prosperity and peace.

A hard way to learn the lesson “obedience is better than sacrifice”, but Lord, I think I’ve grasped it. There is no way to play catch up in the spirit. You either have to pray preventative, or afterwards, defensive. Lord, I never want to do defensive again. You look after your people, but You need the us to be obedient.

Lord, be close to all your family in this season. We do make some silly decisions, but You will never leave us. It is us that neglect You.

I do love You.

A wiser j9

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It’s Christmas time!

Not sure if it is spiritually correct to celebrate Christmas anymore?

Is Christ still in Christmas?

Was Jesus really born on the 25 December?

Is decorating a Christmas tree part of a pagan tradition?

Our family celebrate Christmas for the following reasons:

   1. Father Christmas’s is the very personification of Christmas, bringing gifts and wishes of LOVE, JOY and PEACE.  Father Christmas always knows exactly what we want and he always brings the right gift! Why do we not take the time to share with children the story of Jesus and the perfect gifts of His promise: “I shall never need”. Christ is the persona of  LOVE, JOY and PEACE and goodwill to all mankind. Let’s share the source of the LOVE, JOY and PEACE!

2. God instructed Israel to have certain feasts (not Christmas) where they had to be Happy, which suggests we do not know how to be happy. Too many Christians are depressed and focussed on the negative. I was shocked to find out how many people I know are on antidepressants. By default that says to me “we as people don’t know how to be happy anymore, even in the core of our heart”. We do not understand “in His presence is fullness of joy” or “the joy of the Lord is my strength”.  Lets use this time to focus on been joyful.

3. If I don’t celebrate the birth of Jesus, how can I celebrate His death? If the accuracy of the date is a stumbling block for you, you need to question your entire calendar, as Jesus was not born in the year 00 either, which by default messes up all our BC and AD dates!

4. Easter, Christmas, weddings and funerals are the only times you really get people into church who will never enter church at other times. Only catch: some minister/rev/bishop/pastor’s don’t see it as an opportunity to preach the gospel in its power to attract the unsaved. I’ve found the Gospel preached in power has never offended people. Christians make it an offense. One of the spiritually most influential people in my life got saved on Christmas day. He only went to church because it was the “right” thing to do with his family. Today he is sharing the gospel wherever he goes.  Always find a reason in world system to turn people’s focus to salvation, because that is why Jesus died!

5. Decorating a Christmas tree stems from a pagan tradition according to Jeremiah. Worldwide people recognise 25 December as the day of Jesus birth.   Putting up lights, trees etc are all part of the pagan tradition I agree, but so is 80% of what we do and have in our churches, starting with the church building, finance, number of people and believe it or not, even the pulpit! Having worship in a church and not bringing in God’s presence is also pagan worship. But you don’t see the religious folks moaning about those pagan traditions. Most Christians are not even aware that some of what I have mentioned are pagan traditions. Most of them strive after more of all those points including pulpit time which to them is a form of “success” only because they don’t understand God’s “success” is actually prosperity in the purest form.

Solution: substitute the christmas tree for a nativity scene.

If we cannot celebrate and decorate for Jesus, do we have a right to put up balloons, banners, cakes, have theme parties for us and our children on our birthdays? (If your issue is the validity of the date, no historian or theologian have been able to determine the exact date of Jesus Birth)

6.  I understand it is a season that many feel pressured into giving bigger and better gifts, going into credit and thus going into bondage, but in our home, it is a season of growing your faith and blessing people. We believe we are blessed to be a blessing for every good work (2 Cor 9v8: abundance for every good work). We decide which needs we would like to fulfill and we faith in the need on behalf of that family. We don’t have an abundance of cash, but we do bless with what we have so we can be a testimony to people who are believing God for a miracle. I haven’t had a phone for 8 months and the weekend I got blessed with a BB 9700. When I share this testimony with people especially teenagers (cause they all want a BB), I tell them I faithed mine in while they have to pay R1500 for theirs! They respond to the faith message, because they have seen it in action! It is a testimony that grips them and I am suddenly in a position to teach them about God’s faithfulness when you sowing. They actually listen when they see the reaping!

7. With the world removing Jesus out of everything, it is a wonderful reminder to people to actually “be nice & giving” to each other. A message the world doesn’t spread, but which is a reflection of God’s heart. It is a time of year where people are more generous to charities, domestics, workers, poor etc. (Give to the poor and the Lord will repay, Look after widows and orphans, have an abundance to bless every good work)

I think we as God-fearing believers should celebrate and spread the real reason for Christmas by been a true reflection of God’s heart by giving and been joyful!

It’s not about running up debt by buying unaffordable gifts to impress, it’s a time where we can stretch our faith to help others, that way we a testimony of “blessed to be a blessing”. Freely I’ve received, freely I give.


Well, what a week it has been! From glory to glory and all I can say is ” Thank you Jesus that you love me enough to die for me and make available to me all the benefits of your resurrection power”

I’ve been sitting under the anointing in the “Days of Glory” conference in East London.

On Saturday night, Apostle Maldonaldo taught on “Fathers“. I had a blessing as a Father, but knowing God can do anything if you open your heart, I said to God, deal with whatever you want to. I just want your presence!

I fell to my knees and started sobbing the presence of God was so strong!

I’ve been battling with a relationship in my life where I have been blatantly rejected repeatedly over and over. Every couple of months I have an outburst and then I bring it back to the cross and ask God to take care of it. This time He did.

After writing the post “It is Finished”, I’ve been bringing a lot of areas to closure in my life and this was one of the areas I’d asked God to deal with because it was just to big for me to deal with.

That Saturday night, He gave me “revelational” knowledge about what happened on the cross. He told me He rejected Jesus when He turned away from looking at him. And my heart cried “Why?” And He said because Jesus was covered in sins, and sin cannot stand in God’s presence! I mentally knew all this, but it was still a reality that I was rejected, and now, so was Jesus, and at that point, in my perspective, we were both STILL rejected! I still missed Gods point!

But the picture changed as fast as the thoughts were going through my mind and I saw God turning His face away from Jesus on the cross, and in slow motion, the space that He was looking towards started been illuminated and I saw God looking at me.

It took a couple of minutes and God said to me, “I rejected my Son because I chose to accept you” and once again the reality that I got chosen above Jesus in that day, just broke me, and healed me in the same instant.

I got up off the floor and I knew the Spirit of Rejection was broken over me forever. Never to ever raise its head again because God rejected His Son to accept ME!

Now I’m not just healed, I am made whole!

Thank you Jesus!

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