Father’s Day….

Well, straight off I need to apologize for not posting in the last month. My Windows crashed and it took a month to be repaired, naturally, I was able to practice all the fruits of the spirit on a daily basis 😀

When I finally got my computer back, with less than 5 days before Father’s Day, it put pressure on the us as the FYI Gang where really hyped to do a Father’s Day video as they enjoyed doing the Mother’s Day video so much.

The FYI gang came up with most of these ideas and we were able to pull them all together!  FYI presents has really found its little niche somewhere as for the last week the recorded views went up by over 2500 views in a week.  The concept behind it is to bring home a truth in a format that is fun to look at and that makes you think a little bit different. This Father’s Day video went down very well with especially the unsaved Fathers as the idea was not to hit them with the Gospel, but just to plant the seed that their kids really appreciate been loved by them!

I promise: No children were hurt in the filming of this video 😀

Have two blog posts lined up for you: one on weight loss and one on the only thing the devil needs to do to make me ineffective. They are already written, I just need to copy and paste and find some pretty pictures and then you will have some more reading material.

Stay blessed and remember to always Praise the Lord!

Mother’s Day

Here is a picture of me taken with my mother on Mother’s day:

Here is a fun Mother’s Day video that FYI presents made for Mother’s Day!

It was fun, and it was the 1st time these angels appeared in front of a camera (some are too comfortable in front of a camera)

We had over 800 views in 48 hours. A record for FYI presents.


Ever felt like giving up on people?

Watching helplessly as friends and family go through hard times is probably one of the hardest things for a person to do graciously. Every time it’s happened to me, I’ve felt very helpless and clueless as I have never known how to deal with the situations at hand. I’ve learnt advice never helps and prayer has always felt so hopeless in these difficult predicaments I’ve found myself facing with people who often mean the world to me. Well, this January was no different. Once again, I came face to face with a Hopeless situation!

But, if I read the Bible correctly, my God is a victorious God, He loves people and only Blessed them! So why are so many of His people taking strain under yokes of bondages. This time I watched a family very dear to me get ripped apart through lies! But in the spirit God had shown me the calling He had on this family about 6 months prior.

So when this onslaught came, I got mad that the devil was going to win again. I did not like that very familiar feeling of helplessness and powerless, because in my heart, I believe in my God!

They say the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, so I sat and meditated on the Word and decided the first thing in, is definitely prayer. So I started praying. But that did not change the helplessness. I still felt like I was not changing anything in the spirit.

So I decided to start fasting. My hubby is very familiar with fasting, he’s been fasting every second day for 4 years now. Me? I’m not so keen on it! Because of that helpless feeling getting the better of me again, I decided to join him. No lies, no sugar-coating, no stories of heroism! …it was tough!

I had to not just keep my focus on why I was fasting (that’s was to break the stronghold over my friends lives) but during that time, I was faced with overcoming the greatest challenge of my spiritual walk: witchcraft (not sure if it was all connected in the spirit).

We had 7 weeks of utter chaos and confusion in our home, but I decided we had started on this journey, we had to complete it God’s way! In the 1st week of March i felt the 1st signs of release as if the battle for my friends had been won. But the picture in the natural did not line up with the release I felt. By end of March the family where back together praising the Lord once more and I realised the most important lessons ever:

1. I can make a difference to someone by never giving up on them.

2. If I call myself a leader in the christian faith, I need to be prepared to walk the extra mile for someone God loves to break spiritual strongholds over those I relate to.

3. I learnt to keep my mouth shut. Not once did the family know I was praying and fasting for them (they still don’t know). Not once did I tell them they were not where God wanted them or that they were sinning. I only confessed the calling that God had shown me earlier.

4. I learnt, if you desperate enough, you’ll do it!

I am glad I learnt these lessons. God has restored the peace in my home supernaturally & brought my entire family through victorious. Praise the Lord for His goodness.

But I’ve also learnt I have the ability to help people if I’m prepared to crucify my own flesh by getting out of my own comfort zones.

I found this scripture in Isaiah 58 v 6:

6 “Is this not the fast which I choose, To loosen the bonds of wickedness, To undo the bands of the yoke, And to let the oppressed go free And break every yoke?

I like being in the “yoke destroying, breaking every chain” business because I’ve seen results, lasting results. It gives me hope for the future again 😀  I’m not sharing this to make me look like a saint, I’m sharing it because I have found a key that worked!

Don’t ever give up on a person that God loves! He can use you to make a difference. You do not have to go as severe as what I did, fasting every 2nd day! But start to fight for the ones you love!


Arthur kept on reminding me today that I need to post a new post on my blog. Judging by my reaction he asked if I don’t have anything to write about. Well… I did, in fact I wanted to say something about the Cricket World Cup. But by the time I arrived home, the subject changed as a parcel had been delivered.  

Arthur and his “presents”

 Knowing the content, we eagerly ripped it open and amidst a scurry and flying of shredded paper, unpacked a brand new video camera and mic. All sounds very normal to people who can relate to receiving a parcel they have ordered and paid for.

This parcel is different!

Before our very eyes, God was busy resurrecting a vision that has been laid on the alter and killed many times over and over. Abraham and Isaac! At least 20 times over!

It was the fulfilment of prophetic words given twenty years ago, years before we were even married. It had been confirmed over and over through the years. And still it had to get laid on the alter and die several deaths (many times, very painful deaths).

Mic and Video Recorder

We have a vision to spread the gospel for free and part of our method to spread it, is by doing what we’ve titled as “250 Foundational Topics” – 5 years worth of Bible School material FREE in the format of your choice. Your options will be to download in DVD or MP3 or PDF format. The purpose of the 3 different formats is for people on all continents (as is currently happening) to be able to download the format they are most able to manage and to work through the content and to be able to GROW as a Christian.

We needed the video camera to start recording the 27 min dvd’s session and the mic to continue and complete recording the MP3 recordings (which are a hitting large numbers of downloads every month on our webpage).

We started with what we had, a laptop and a shure mic and the encouragement of a friend, and only on topic nr 90 did God come through for us to be able to fulfil the rest of the vision.

To follow the fulfillment of this vision: http://fathersheart.co.za under Apostolic Downloads.
Book 1 (Topics 1 – 50) has already been printed 4 times. Book 2 (Topics 51-100) and Book 3 (Topics 101 – 150) are currently been edited to be sent to the printers later this month.

The morale of this blog:
If you have a promise from God that has not been fulfilled yet, I can’t give you a magic formula or a time frame or anything to tell you when it is going to happen. I do not even have the knowledge to tell you it is not going to happen.
But will it happen? Yes, if God has said it and you continue believing and confessing it, it will happen.

How did it all come together for us?

We had to trust that God HAD SAID!
We had to believe that God HAD SAID!
We had to confess everytime the natural looked different to the spoken word, WE HAD TO CONFESS THE WORD OF GOD!

The seed sown in our particular situation, was the spoken Word of God.
Where there times when I did not believe that God could do it? Many! I battled to believe that God would lie to me and I also battled to believe that God was allowing all the deaths on the alters if He had said it. I could not reconcile the two. But I chose to continue believing that God would be faithful to do it in His time.

Were there times when I could sit down and just cry? Probably more than I will remember. The road was not easy. I’m not saying that we have by any means arrived yet. Don’t get me wrong here. This is just the birthing place of the vision that God spoke through prophetic word 20 years ago.
Every time things looked different in the natural, we would fetch out our prophetic words and starting speaking LIFE into the spirit realm over our situation.

Lying ahead for us is much more that we still need to learn, still need to conquer, and you have probably guessed, still need to lay on the altar again until God’s appointed time, but what has it done. It has shown me that my time in not God’s time. And when I least expected, it happened. It came at a time where we both had decided to make peace with our circumstances and to be found faithful doing the “little” things around us wherever and whenever we could. I realised if you are not starting at the little things God told you to do, you won’t get to the “bigger” things God told you to do.

If you look at the pictures, they just look like a birthday present been opened, but if you look at the whole picture of God’s faithfulness, all you can do is stand in awe of Him been faithful to fulfil His Word.

What I want to leave you with is this:
If God has said it, He will perform it. God is Faithful! The Lord will Provide!
Many blessing to you all!

God Abides to His own Word in 1 Corinthians 13

Whilst on vacation, we recently spent an evening on a jetty fishing with our kids.

While we witnessed a beautiful blue sunset,

we were having much fun taking photographs and making family videos.

The result: My 1st Video blog!

I recorded this post on a small handheld 8px camera held in my right hand in the dark with my son providing the lighting by torch on a moving jetty…what fun!!!

My video posts will be short, 1 minute nuggets, so I look forward to doing more!

How God showed Me that He Loved Me

Well, what a week it has been! From glory to glory and all I can say is ” Thank you Jesus that you love me enough to die for me and make available to me all the benefits of your resurrection power”
I’ve been sitting under the anointing in the “Days of Glory” conference in East London.

On Saturday night, Apostle Maldondo taught on “Fathers”. I had a blessing as a Father, but knowing God can do anything if you open your heart, I said to God, deal with whatever you want to. I just want your presence!

I fell to my knees and started sobbing the presence of God was so strong!
I’ve been battling with a relationship in my life where I have been blatantly rejected repeatedly over and over. Every couple of months I have a outburst and then I bring it back to the cross and ask God to take care of it. This time He did.

After writing the post “It is Finished”, I’ve been bringing a lot of areas to closure in my life and this was one of the areas I’d asked God to deal with because it was just to big for me to deal with.

That Saturday night, He gave me “revelational” knowledge about what happened on the cross. He told me He rejected Jesus when He turned away from looking at him. And my heart cried “Why?” And He said because Jesus was covered in sins, and sin cannot stand in God’s presence! I mentally knew all this, but it was still a reality that I was rejected, and now, so was Jesus, and at that point, in my perspective, we were both STILL rejected! I still missed Gods point!

But the picture changed as fast as the thoughts were going through my mind and I saw God turning His face away from Jesus on the cross, and in slow motion, the space that He was looking towards started been illuminated and I saw God looking at me.

It took a couple of minutes and God said to me, “I rejected my Son because I chose to accept you” and once again the reality that I got chosen above Jesus in that day, just broke me, and healed me in the same instant.

I got up off the floor and I knew the Spirit of Rejection was broken over me forever. Never to ever raise its head again because God rejected His Son to accept ME!
Now I’m not just healed, I am made whole!
Thank you Jesus!


Little did I realise while I was writing the post “God Loves Me” (dd 28 July 2011), what the real implication of this revelation would have on my life!                            

It is now 258 days & counting that I am living FREE from a Spirit of Rejection!
I expected repercussions in the form that the devil would set up situations to lure me back into this stronghold of rejection, but these never came. But I never expected what lay ahead.

There have been two very eye-opening lessons I’ve learnt from it:

The first:
After basking in the bliss of freedom for the first a couple of months, I am still sharing my testimony regarding this so often, it brought up the question inside me “But God, how are these people going to get their healing if they don’t have a similar experience?” And God’s reply sent me on another path of discovery. The answer was simple: “they get healed by faith.”

Rom   15 For you have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out, “Abba! Father!”

Obviously, joining the dots, I realised I had not received my healing by Faith, so I started asking God why did I need to have such an AWESOME encounter with Him regarding the vision. The answer was simple “because you made your rejection problem bigger than Me”

Slowly the realisation sank in that I could have had my healing and been living rejection free 20 years earlier than I had. And only because I made such a big issue of it begging God to heal me of something He had already given me, He went BIGGER than my problem to show me how much He loved me.

I am now actively learning to take God at His Word BY FAITH!

Beloved! U don’t need to wait for your miracle! Find out what the Word says and believe it BY FAITH and do not doubt, cause it delays your miracle!

In summary…. I only have an amazing vision to share because I did not believe God the 1st time!

Eish…somehow I feel like the sucker here that’s been conned out of saying “20 years & 258 days rejection Free!”                  

But by Faith I’m learning
“There is now there for no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus….”

I’m taking it as an expensive lesson learnt and applying it to the other challenges I’m facing!

The Second:
Because of the length of this post, I’ll deal with the 2nd outcome in a separate post. This one opened a whole new revelation to me that took me through one of the roughest times I’ve ever encountered as a Spirit filled Child of God. But God is good! You come through the fire and you don’t smell like smoke!
The attack started on 17 January and ended on 26 February, and incidentally gave me the scriptural key to the next post on “The Supernatural (part 2): The Woman with the Issue of Blood” which has been burning in my Spirit but I’ve had no release to write!
If the Supernatural Part 1 did not get you meditating long on why it should be classified as part of The Supernatural series, you will definitely get your pondering cap on with Part 2!

Blessings to you and your families in this special time!

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