Hi Guys!!!

This is a 20 minute message I shared at a recent Breakthrough Fire Conference we hosted!

Many of us are repeatedly reaping cycles in our lives that we do not enjoy, such as anger, bitterness, resentments, judgments, strife and division. If you do not like what you are reaping, change your seed. If you do not like what you are reaping, change your seed.

I look forward to hearing some positive testimonies from the change of fruit in your life!


Father’s Day….

Well, straight off I need to apologize for not posting in the last month. My Windows crashed and it took a month to be repaired, naturally, I was able to practice all the fruits of the spirit on a daily basis ūüėÄ

When I finally got my computer back, with less than 5 days before Father’s Day, it put pressure on the us as the FYI¬†Gang where really hyped to do¬†a Father’s Day video¬†as they enjoyed doing¬†the¬†Mother’s Day video¬†so much.

The FYI gang came up with most of these ideas and we were able to pull them all together!¬† FYI presents has really found its little niche somewhere as for the last week the recorded views went up by over 2500 views in a week.¬† The concept behind it is to bring home a truth in a format that is fun to look at and that makes you think a little bit different. This Father’s Day video went down very well with especially the unsaved Fathers as the idea was not to hit them with the Gospel, but just to plant the seed that their kids really appreciate been loved by them!

I promise: No children were hurt in the filming of this video ūüėÄ

Have two blog posts lined up for you: one on weight loss and one on the only thing the devil needs to do to make me ineffective. They are already written, I just need to copy and paste and find some pretty pictures and then you will have some more reading material.

Stay blessed and remember to always Praise the Lord!

What I have been up too

When I had my 1st child, everybody told me how busy my children would keep me!                                                                                                                                            

I did not realise they were talking about “How busy I would be managing their FAME!!!”

I thought they spoke about changing nappies, making bottles, making food, helping with homework!

Boy, was my perception WRONG!

My latest “Mom on a MISSION” started with a Granny. Yeah for Grannies.

Knowing we are¬†involved in helping the local school with “Cool Kids for Christ”, and been in the ministry for¬†many years, she came to us out of desperation asking if we had a Father’s Heart Daily Devotional for her teenage granddaughter.

Her granddaughter had asked for a Bible as a Christmas gift and she was reading the Bible with her daily and explaining the scripture. But anyone owning a teenager will know: the questions get to technical!

Knowing her granddaughter well, I was very proud of her for asking for a Bible as a Christmas gift and 2nd, I knew she had a  BB, so in a split second I felt I could write a little devotional for the young ladies in the area and send it to them via BBM as we are in a position where they know us well enough for them to actually read what we have said.

After writing the 1st devotional, I looked at it and thought: “This is so long! I won’t even read it!!!!”

And this is how the discussions started with the family as to how we could help!

For them the answer was simple. We record a 30-60 second video with a Bible Scripture and a short motivational message about the scripture. Teenagers love MP4

So, in the same fashion as what this family tackle everything….WITH MAJOR ENTHUSIASM AND NO PLANNING!!!!! We grabbed the video camera, scriptures and our daughter!

and¬†… FYI PRESENTS was born or should I say “a STAR found her FAME”

A¬†spot was found (my bedroom)¬†and we¬†recorded our 1st video. Sent it out and the response was phenomenal! We’ve been getting messages from all over begging for more. And we weren’t ready!

I’ve spent the last¬†3 weeks managing my daughter’s fame! Standing in front of the camera “LOOKING PRETTY” is the easiest part of FYI PRESENTS!

Here is our video sharing the gospel for Valentine’s Day:

We have now settled into a routine where FYI PRESENTS is not dominating our lives, but where people can still find the Daily Devotionals for those who don’t have BlackBerries as the response from non BlackBerry owners has also been overwhelming

FYI PRESENTS is now linked to all the most popular social network sites, including a couple of Christian network sites we did not know exsisted before FYI PRESENTS.

FYI = For Your Information

For those who don’t want their children exposed to YOUTUBE, we have opened a channel FYIpresents¬†on GODTUBE ( and INCHRISTNETWORK (

The responsess are amazing with the each video combined been viewed by over a 150 people. The views on the video clips sent via BlackBerries cannot be followed as Vu-Clip does not record hits. But judging by the subscriptions received, the videos are travelling through BB space.

This is a outreach¬†tool from kids wanting to make a difference¬†in other peoples¬†lives. I was overwhelmed¬†by my¬† children’s eagernes¬†to respond to the “call of duty” the ministry has on their lives. Adults as well as teens, pre teens are all enjoying the short daily devotionals. I hope you will be blessed by it as well.

(You can imagine how many passwords I now have that I can forget!)

If you know of a child, teenager, nephew, niece, godchild who would enjoy these entertaining, but informative clips, you can find FYI presents in on of the following social media networks:

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In case you were wondering…

Holy Spirit, God and Jesus talking

Just in case you were wondering what we got up to the past holidays, watch this:

We assisted an Anglican Church with their Nativity Play they have every Christmas Eve.

We wrote the play, had 1 rehearsal and this is the result. We never knew it was so difficult writing a play.

It is the story of God’s heart towards the Birth of Jesus.

There where Christmas carols at the appropriate places (edited out as to not make the video too long).

We often think of Jesus’s birth as been there to save us from our sins. But God did not want His relationship with man broken, thus Jesus was born.

Meditate on the concept of HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE TO GOD.

We are not trying to be disrespectful by having someone play God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. This is a nativity play where there were plenty of children attending and we could not leave the concept of “an unseen¬†Triune being” and 3 voices booming from nowhere. Would have been to confusing¬†for littlies and they would have missed the heart of the play.


Pastor Arthur Frost

Afterwards Arthur gave a short sermon on Reconciliation: God’s heart

Hubbi always preaches well!


Christmas Eve many lost sheep were welcomed into the Kingdom!

Praise the Lord!