These short blogs are the result of thought and questions going through my head, some for many years.

I often thrash them out with my husband, Arthur who has a very good word knowledge, and then mull them over some more. God often deals with me in a total concept and my spirit and mind can wander around various precepts for forever before i find a conclusion.

Hopefully you can add a couple of thoughts to speed up the process wandering around my head…and I can bring about a couple of shifts in your Spirit. Hope you can learn and grow from some of my crazy thinking.

Regards Janine


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Janine, looks good. I would include some pictures & photos. Perhaps shorten the blogs just a little if possible. It’s lovely – brilliant!

  2. look – very nice
    content – practical & very helpful
    layout – easy to find everything, …. very logical
    comments – luv it especially the one’s I posted… hehehe!! (just joking)
    formatting -10/10
    correctness of teachings – I haveven’t found anything non scriptual yet, but then again I haven’t read a quarter of the bible yet… but it sounds fine!!!! hehehe
    the tag line – have no idea what this is, but if I work on an average ….. 100%
    Anything else – AS I TOLD YOU BEFORE…. I Luvvvv your blog and can’t wait for it to be active!!!!
    mwah xxx

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