250 Foundational Topics

Arthur and I are currently busy writing a course called 250 Foundation Topics for the body of Christ to use as Bible Study material.

Assisting the Body of Christ to fulfill the popular scripture in Eph 4 v 12 of “equipping the saints” for the work of the ministry.



Generation Impact Bible College   has accepted our 250 Foundation Topics as part of the core curriculum of their 1st year – Certificate in Ministry

Our 250 Foundation topics are available on our webpage at Generation Impact Bible College website.

The Apostolic Downloads consist of  PDF notes (approx 1 page per topic) and a 27 min MP3 teaching.

You as the Believers in the Body of Christ are welcome to use these topics in Bible study group, home cell, church service or for your own personal growth. Should you however want a “piece of paper”, you are welcome to register as an online Distant Learner at Generation Impact Bible College .

250 Foundation Topics are available in the following mediums for purchase.

  1. A softcover book containing 50 topics
  2. A Audio Dvd set containing 50 topics in pdf and MP3’s
  3. A Memory stick with 200 Topics in pdf and MP3’s format.

The Audio DVD you buy consists of 1 of the 5 books, with an audio DVD (playable in any player) with the corresponding  50 MP3 from the book, as well as a CD with the notes in PDF should you want them for your computer.

All these books are available in E-book format on our website.                               

To enquire about these books email info@gibc.co.za



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