Mat 28 v 7:

Go quickly and tell His disciples that He has risen from the dead;…

Points that are special to me today (on this Resurrection Sunday): 

  • The disciples had to be told that their Jesus was alive … because in the natural they saw him die and be buried in a grave. Speak death to your ungodly situations! They need to be told to die so that the Resurrection power that Jesus brings can bring your situations in line with God’s will for us!
  • Let’s go Tell in such a manner that our lives reflect Jesus is alive.  Let’s live:
    • In Health – because He overcame sickness (Is 53 v 5)
    • In Peace – because where there is unity, God commands a Blessing (Ps 133)
    • In Victory – He took back the keys to Death & Hades (Rev 1 v 18)
    • In Reigning: we are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus In Freedom (Eph 2 v 6)
    • In Sonship – because God adopted us as His sons through the spirit of adoption (Rom 8 v 15)
    • In Love – because Perfect Love casts out Fear & I am free from Fear because Jesus overcame and broke the stronghold by unselfishly dying for me so I can accept the Love of God which drives out fear (1 John 4 v 18)
  • And you are welcome to add many more!!!!!

But most of all:

Let’s GO TELL others that

Jesus Is Alive!

so we can bring RESURRECTION LIFE to their situations as well!


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