In case you were wondering…

Holy Spirit, God and Jesus talking

Just in case you were wondering what we got up to the past holidays, watch this:

We assisted an Anglican Church with their Nativity Play they have every Christmas Eve.

We wrote the play, had 1 rehearsal and this is the result. We never knew it was so difficult writing a play.

It is the story of God’s heart towards the Birth of Jesus.

There where Christmas carols at the appropriate places (edited out as to not make the video too long).

We often think of Jesus’s birth as been there to save us from our sins. But God did not want His relationship with man broken, thus Jesus was born.

Meditate on the concept of HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE TO GOD.

We are not trying to be disrespectful by having someone play God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. This is a nativity play where there were plenty of children attending and we could not leave the concept of “an unseen Triune being” and 3 voices booming from nowhere. Would have been to confusing for littlies and they would have missed the heart of the play.


Pastor Arthur Frost

Afterwards Arthur gave a short sermon on Reconciliation: God’s heart

Hubbi always preaches well!


Christmas Eve many lost sheep were welcomed into the Kingdom!

Praise the Lord!


One thought on “In case you were wondering…

  1. I really enjoyed the fresh approach….. From heavens perspective! That was really cool… People expect the normal.. And when you get something fresh like this it takes them out of automatic and puts them into another gear and they start thinking and pondering about it again! Very good!!! Loved it!

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