It’s Christmas time!

Not sure if it is spiritually correct to celebrate Christmas anymore?

Is Christ still in Christmas?

Was Jesus really born on the 25 December?

Is decorating a Christmas tree part of a pagan tradition?

Our family celebrate Christmas for the following reasons:

   1. Father Christmas’s is the very personification of Christmas, bringing gifts and wishes of LOVE, JOY and PEACE.  Father Christmas always knows exactly what we want and he always brings the right gift! Why do we not take the time to share with children the story of Jesus and the perfect gifts of His promise: “I shall never need”. Christ is the persona of  LOVE, JOY and PEACE and goodwill to all mankind. Let’s share the source of the LOVE, JOY and PEACE!

2. God instructed Israel to have certain feasts (not Christmas) where they had to be Happy, which suggests we do not know how to be happy. Too many Christians are depressed and focussed on the negative. I was shocked to find out how many people I know are on antidepressants. By default that says to me “we as people don’t know how to be happy anymore, even in the core of our heart”. We do not understand “in His presence is fullness of joy” or “the joy of the Lord is my strength”.  Lets use this time to focus on been joyful.

3. If I don’t celebrate the birth of Jesus, how can I celebrate His death? If the accuracy of the date is a stumbling block for you, you need to question your entire calendar, as Jesus was not born in the year 00 either, which by default messes up all our BC and AD dates!

4. Easter, Christmas, weddings and funerals are the only times you really get people into church who will never enter church at other times. Only catch: some minister/rev/bishop/pastor’s don’t see it as an opportunity to preach the gospel in its power to attract the unsaved. I’ve found the Gospel preached in power has never offended people. Christians make it an offense. One of the spiritually most influential people in my life got saved on Christmas day. He only went to church because it was the “right” thing to do with his family. Today he is sharing the gospel wherever he goes.  Always find a reason in world system to turn people’s focus to salvation, because that is why Jesus died!

5. Decorating a Christmas tree stems from a pagan tradition according to Jeremiah. Worldwide people recognise 25 December as the day of Jesus birth.   Putting up lights, trees etc are all part of the pagan tradition I agree, but so is 80% of what we do and have in our churches, starting with the church building, finance, number of people and believe it or not, even the pulpit! Having worship in a church and not bringing in God’s presence is also pagan worship. But you don’t see the religious folks moaning about those pagan traditions. Most Christians are not even aware that some of what I have mentioned are pagan traditions. Most of them strive after more of all those points including pulpit time which to them is a form of “success” only because they don’t understand God’s “success” is actually prosperity in the purest form.

Solution: substitute the christmas tree for a nativity scene.

If we cannot celebrate and decorate for Jesus, do we have a right to put up balloons, banners, cakes, have theme parties for us and our children on our birthdays? (If your issue is the validity of the date, no historian or theologian have been able to determine the exact date of Jesus Birth)

6.  I understand it is a season that many feel pressured into giving bigger and better gifts, going into credit and thus going into bondage, but in our home, it is a season of growing your faith and blessing people. We believe we are blessed to be a blessing for every good work (2 Cor 9v8: abundance for every good work). We decide which needs we would like to fulfill and we faith in the need on behalf of that family. We don’t have an abundance of cash, but we do bless with what we have so we can be a testimony to people who are believing God for a miracle. I haven’t had a phone for 8 months and the weekend I got blessed with a BB 9700. When I share this testimony with people especially teenagers (cause they all want a BB), I tell them I faithed mine in while they have to pay R1500 for theirs! They respond to the faith message, because they have seen it in action! It is a testimony that grips them and I am suddenly in a position to teach them about God’s faithfulness when you sowing. They actually listen when they see the reaping!

7. With the world removing Jesus out of everything, it is a wonderful reminder to people to actually “be nice & giving” to each other. A message the world doesn’t spread, but which is a reflection of God’s heart. It is a time of year where people are more generous to charities, domestics, workers, poor etc. (Give to the poor and the Lord will repay, Look after widows and orphans, have an abundance to bless every good work)

I think we as God-fearing believers should celebrate and spread the real reason for Christmas by been a true reflection of God’s heart by giving and been joyful!

It’s not about running up debt by buying unaffordable gifts to impress, it’s a time where we can stretch our faith to help others, that way we a testimony of “blessed to be a blessing”. Freely I’ve received, freely I give.


2 thoughts on “It’s Christmas time!

  1. Thanks Janine! I agree with your thoughts on Christmas. There are too few occasions for us to share love and show the world that Christ is the reason for our joy. Have a blessed festive season with your family.

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