I have noticed over the last couple of years that I’ve loved starting thing, little less enthusiastic about working at them and then never actually finishing them.

After observing this in my life, I started seeing it in my entire family. I’d actually made a mental note that when holidays arrived, I was going to chat to my children (I always explain the life lesson to them first so that they know what I’m trying to teach them) why I was going to call them back to actually complete simple tasks. Such as making a sandwich, called back to pack the butter and jam away and wipe up all the crumbs, etc.

But upon noticing this trend in my life, I actually started looking at it from a spiritual point of view and realized we actually need to do it there as well.

I realized as people we carry way to much baggage with us when it is so much easier traveling light. I try to keep life simple by adopting the attitude if I have to do this, let me learn the Godly way to do it 1st time and after that I can practice walking in victory and getting things under my belt and moving on to greater things. But in doing this, I am churning up situations in my soul where “excess baggage” needs to be eliminated! Every time something does not “quite feel right” I give it a little more attention and am uncovering more areas than what I’d like to that need to be revisited.

I’ve listened to my speech and tried to understand my reasoning in figuring out what all these areas are.

Life happens to us all, deal with it and try not to drag it around with you. In some incidences, I find myself dealing with things over and over from even as far back as 20 years ago as others are often inclined to haul up the “forgiven and forgotten” part.

This morning I had the privilege of attending Mark Gingers “Laugh your Way to a Better Marriage”. He taught on the “reset” button. Great tool. I have a great marriage, but this morning the “reset” button was pushed in my heart, and we starting from a clean slate again.

Time to press the “reset” button in all areas of our lives. A little grace and a little forgiveness and hopefully lots of loss of memory only connected to the bad memories, will clean your heart and help you to “reset” your attitude and start on a clean slate in more areas than you can imagine.

Remember….we only received the full victory from Jesus after He uttered the words….”It is finished”.

Let’s bring closure to areas in our lives so we don’t have all these loose ends dangling. It frees up your spirit to worship God. It makes for a healthy heart, bones and body and for happier living.

It makes living in peace and joy a breeze.

To get to the top of the mountain, you only take that which you need. Anything else is excess baggage that leads you to wasting valuable energy.

God says “my yoke is easy and my burden light”. I’m learning to pack light!

Press here to “RESET” 😀
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