Please read

Hi Friends

My computer went on a suicide mission and left me with many blown up parts.

I’m in the process of replacing it so please be patient while I am not too active writing for the blog!

I’ve 2 great posts lined up:
When is it God’s deliverance
If God is love, why do I need…

I’ve not stopped writing, I’m just a little handicapped.
I can only write so much on BB without checking the accuracy of my facts.

Luv you guys much.

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One thought on “Please read

  1. Hi .I loved reading your blogs. Thank goodness the lord love is so consistent and unconditional. I have learn’t not to place any expectancy on people for the momment you do you line yourself up to get hurt or disapointed. I truly value the friends that the lord has brought across my path. You have been a great of support to me . You have really helped me thru rough times. I rest in my fathers arms knowing he is taking care of situations beyond my control. He is the great I Am .Thanks for reminding me of that.

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