A thought twister!

1 John 4v8: God is love!

A statement we so easily confess about God!

If God IS LOVE, then LOVE IS God!

Because of my concept of time and eternity, for me eternity is a mind set that becomes a reality when I die and live in heaven forever and ever. So for me, the eternity concept sort of starts in my mind the day I die.
But an eternity existed before I was born. An eternity existed before God created the World.

We in our minds we’ve categorized Eternity. Let’s call it Post-Eternity. But a Pre-Eternity also exists.

We do not realize God lived without us (mankind) before we were created in Pre-Eternity. We as believers are going to live with God in Post-Eternity.

The crux – LOVE was enough for God to be a complete being in Himself during Pre-Eternity.

God made me because He chose to make me. He did not make me because He needed me to love Him. He is LOVE and existed fulfilled before He made me. I do not complete God, I am special because He chose me to live with Him in LOVE.

Why do we always think that we need an object or a person to love? If I have a new car, I’ll be happy.
If I’ve a husband or child, I’ll be happy.
If that person accepts me as a Friend, I’ll be ok.

Knowing the person of LOVE means I am fulfilled and choose to have people in my life. The opposite to NEED people in my life

People say LOVE is a verb, but LOVE is a noun. It is GOD and GOD is I AM.

If I know God and Love, I will act out of and act in love, then Love becomes a verb. But any LOVE as a verb without knowing the LOVE as a noun, is a work out of a religious mind set, destined to be burnt as wood, hay and straw. Deeds done from knowing LOVE, are never called works, they are an extension of the noun LOVE.

All I need I have in I AM, everyone else is in my life becomes I choose to have because I know the Noun LOVE and LOVE gives. Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!


One thought on “IF GOD IS LOVE, WHY DO I NEED…

  1. I have also been thinking of that lately. We should be happy before we draw people into our lives… The moment an unhappy person finds something or someone that makes him happy he starts to rely on that instead of on God! We need to find God to find love so that we can be happy! Everything on earth is temporary… Why do we want to find love and happiness in something that’s just temporary if we can find it in God that is eternal???

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