Jesus says “In my Father’s House are many mansions…” John 14v2

Have you ever considered your Inheritance in heaven before? Many times because of our natural world we loose sight of the fact that our Spiritual Inheritance is different to our natural inheritance. When we are left an inheritance in the natural, it is divided according to the wishes of the Deceased, so all mentioned in the (dreaded) WILL have the portion allocated to them as the Deceased indicated.

Jesus say in His Father’s House are many mansions…yeah, how does that affect me?

With God, our inheritance is MULTIPLIED, not DIVIDED! Everyone gets a mansion. No selling this mansion to split the money to avoid one getting more than another!
With this inheritance, we each get our God inheritance. No dividing, no fighting for “more incase I loose out here” concept…

Is this not enough reason to share Jesus with more people as it does not limit God’s inheritance to me! They get exactly the same as me!

Healing is for us all…God does not have limited supplies of Healing!

Blessings is for us all…God does not have limited supplies of Blessings!

Provision is for us all…God does not have limited supplies of Provision!
Don’t ever limit God again by thinking if someone else receives what you desire that there is not enough left for you. Take it as a testimony that if God supplied for them, He can and is able and WILLING to provide for you as well.

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One thought on “OUR INHERITANCE

  1. all this time I have been hoping to have a mansion, but now that I know I have one , I quite happy to stay in my flat for a little while longer. thx for that scripture, Its my first time that I read it. I’ll have to add it to my favorites!!!

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